What causes a squeaky floor?

Problem: Subfloor cannot expand and contract.
All wood fiber subfloor materials need to be installed with sufficient room to expand and contract as the ambient temperature and humidity changes. TrimJoist™ provides a wide surface so that framing tolerances may be eased enough to eliminate this problem.

Problem: Poor application of underlayment.
Many contractors use a composite underlayment board in areas that require carpeting. This underlayment is non-structural, but provides a very smooth surface. More often than not, the underlayment is attached only by nails. Over the course of time, these nails begin to rub against the underlayment causing squeaks. We suggest that the underlayment be attached with both screws and glue with the same care as was taken with the subfloor.

Problem: Subfloor not adequately attached to joist system
Conventional 2x joists or narrow flange I-beam type wood products do not provide sufficient surface for good nailing technique. The full 3-1/2" wide TrimJoist™ nailing surface allows for sufficient nailing and optional gluing of the subfloor.

Problem: Joist system not stiff enough
In addition to the stationary loads on a floor, each step a person takes places a small impact load on the supporting joists. Over the course of time, this seismic stress can cause the whole system to become "loose." TrimJoist™ products are not only designed to withstand these impact loads they also provide for a strong-back mechanism which can disperse these loads more evenly through the floor system.

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